Finding and Downloading the Omnia.9 SNMP MIB File

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How to find and download the Omnia.9's .MIB file for SNMP


Q: Where can I locate the Omnia.9 SNMP MIB file?


A: Per Chapter 23, Page 196 in the manual:

The Omnia.9 MIB file is available via the built-in HTTP server on the SNMP Test Page which can be accessed from any whitelisted computer on your network. Enter the IP address of Omnia.9 followed by the port number and /SNMP as follows, substituting your IP address: http://youromnia9-ip:7380/SNMP

A Test Mode is also provided to help set up and verify proper SNMP configuration and communication.

The Omnia.9's whitelist can be found at System / System Configuration / HTTP Access

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