Top Panel Screws for Axia Routing Control Panels

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Sometimes the top cover of a control panel may be removed to reseat cables, check the state of certain components or put a unit into Test Mode. We are occasionally asked what screws are used to properly secure the top cover of these panels, as they are sometimes lost or the screw heads become stripped.

The Covers

Depending on the panel, there are different amount of screws holding the top panel to the chassis.

The XY controller has four screws on top and three on the backside that secure the top panel, while the Smartswitch, Softswift and Film-cap controllers have ten screws on top and three on either side of the unit.

The XY Controller:

The 8-button Softswitch:

The Screws

If a screw is needed, contact customer support and ask for pricing and availability for part # 1301-00091-100.

These can also be sourced locally. Here are the specs of the screws used:

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