Removing the cover from your Axia PowerStation Integrated Console Engine

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This document applies to Axia PowerStation Integrated Console engine with part number 2001-00251

Tools Required

The tools required for removal of the cover are;

  • #1 Phillips screwdriver
  • 3.0mm allen wrench - minimum length of 3 inches is required to reach all screws.

Removing the top cover

The cover of the PowerStation is held in place by twelve phillips head screws accessed from the top of the cover and a total of ten Allen head screws accessed from the side.

Remove the cover using the following steps

Remove the twelve Phillips head screws from the top of the cover as indicated

Remove the ten Allen head screws (5 on each side) using a 3.0mm Allen wrench.  Note that only the screws circled in RED in the drawing need to be removed and that the two screws on the right are longer than the three on the left.  This will be important for re-assembly of the lid. Screws indicated in YELLOW should be left in place.


Once all screws are removed the lid can be lifted off to gain access to the inside of the PowerStation.  The following picture shows the PowerStation with the lid removed.

Reinstalling the Cover 

Reassembly of the cover is done in reverse order paying attention to the length of the screws in the side.  As a reminder, the two side screws toward the front of the unit are longer than the three others.  

To ease the reinstallation of the cover loosely start the 3.0mm Allen screws on both sides before securing the top with the Phillips screws and then tighten the screws.

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