Axia Quasar XR-4FAD Fader Software update version 1.2

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This document applies to the Quasar XR four fader modules only.

Some new features of this update require the main Quasar MTS module to have a minimum version of 1.3. If your Quasar Mater Touch Screen module is NOT already running version 1.3 (or higher) please click here to see those instructions.

Your modules should also be running module firmware version 0.36. To determine the module firmware version, click the Module Information link on each module's web page. Please contact us if your firmware is OLDER than 0.36

The features and fixes from other updates are rolled up in this version.

Most significant features of this release: 

  • Functional improvements to correctly calibrate motorized faders when set to the same position. Please click this link to view documentation regarding the fader calibration procedure. MOST USERS WILL NOT NEED TO DO THIS.

Other Functional improvements: 

  • None in this version

Bug Fixes: 

  • None in this version

Updating the XR-4FAD Modules

You must update each module individually. Start with one of the fader modules. And repeat the following steps for each module;

  1. Open the XR-4FAD Control Center web page at the unit's base IP address (standard HTTP port 80).
  2. In the System menu, select Software.
  3. Click on “Choose File” and navigate to the location where you saved the update file and select it.
  4. Press the "Upload image" button. The new version will load into the currently inactive software bank and overwrite its content.
The page will automatically refresh once the upload is complete, showing the new version in the unused bank.
  1. Click the small bubble next to the bank to select it. Press the “Switch to Selected Bank” button. 
WARNING: the module will reboot once you press Switch to Selected Bank. Each module will take approximately 15 seconds to reboot, and there will be no audio interruption in this case. 

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