Updated Security Features in xNode 2.4.7 software

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!!! WARNING !!!

Please read the following before installing the 2.4.7 update. There are new security features that could affect your update. The link to download the update is farther down in this document.

!!! WARNING !!!


Version 2.4.7 for xNode software requires some possible steps prior to installing. The steps only apply when updating to version 2.4.7 xNode software. If you are installing any version PRIOR, these instructions do not apply.


Version 2.4.7 xNode software includes some new security features that our customers have been asking for. Specifically, closing the SIP connection port (port 5060) and closing the main telnet port (port 23).

The closing of the SIP port will affect your install if you are using SIP for unicast connections.

If you proceed with your install without un-configuring your SIP connections, you will be required to Factory Reset to restore fully functionality.

Check for and temporarily remove AES67 SIP Connections

If you have NO SIP connections an your Destinations page and you are sure you are not using AES67 SIP, you can proceed to the bottom of this page and download the update.

Before installing this update;

  1. Navigate to the Destinations page on each xNode
  2. Look for any Destinations that are using SIP Unicast connections

If you are using AES67 SIP, your Destination will be formatted like this. sip:8@

  1. Make note of, and remove, any SIP connections from your Destinations configuration page.
  2. Click Apply.

Update your xNode software

You may now update your xNode software according to the previous instructions. Click HERE to download the update file.

Enable SIP Discovery

You must enable SIP Discovery before restoring your Destinations

  1. On your xNode WebUI, navigate to the Synchronization and QoS link
  1. At that bottom of that page, set the Enable SIP Disclosure setting to Enabled.
The default is DISABLED
  1. Click Apply

Return to the Destinations page.

You may now return to the Destinations page and re-apply the SIP settings that we removed in the Previous Step.

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