Axia Quasar SR Module Firmware Update v2.0.2 - Release Notes & Update Instructions

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Components Released:

  1. Quasar SR Module, Firmware Update v2.0.2


Quasar SR firmware v2.0.2 is a critical field update that addresses an issue with Top Channel Encoders on Quasar SR surface modules addressing the wrong channel strip.

Please follow the steps below to update the firmware of each of your surface's SR Modules, ensuring the correct operation and maximum reliability of your system.

This is a firmware update which applies to the SR modules only; this is not a System Update for the Quasar console and should not be confused with it. What some customers may refer to as 'Firmware' is in fact the system's Top-Level Software which defines the Quasar functionalities and GUI. This is what we normally refer to as 'Software' or 'System Update'

Update Instructions

The SR Modules' FW update is performed from the MTS-MON Module Web UI

  1. Connect a PC to your console network.
  2. Open the MTS-MON Control Center web page at the unit's base IP address. (standard HTTP port 80).
  3. Select the SR Modules menu.
  1. Press the Setup button for each module.
  1. At the bottom of the page, you will find the Firmware Update section; Click on 'Choose File", navigate to the location where you saved the update file, and select it.
  1. Press the "Upload Firmware" button. The new version will be applied to the current firmware bank and its content overwritten.

After the update is applied, the web page will give no confimation that the new firmware has been uploaded. Please check that the new firmware is correctly lloaded, and version 2.0.2 is diplayed as you can ssee in the image below:

Note - Although the file version is v2.0.2, the new FW will show up as v2.2 in the Web UI.

In case the version number should be lower, please double-check you downloaded the right file version, and repeat this procedure from Step 3.In case the UI should report that the Firmware Update is failed, please make sure that you are uploading the correct file: it must be p/n 1621-00597-002 and must have an .itb extension. If you have the incorrect file, please redownload it from the link above.

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