Finding the Omnia-6 Remote Software App and Software Update

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This document describes where to find the Omnia-6 remote control software app, software update files/ instructions, and additional information needed to update the Omnia-6.


The Omnia-6 is a Legacy product (discontinued); however, remote control and update files are located on the Omnia Legacy Product Page. You may also need to order a rear panel PCMCIA software card for the update. The current software for Omnia-6 is Release: 7.3.4 / Display: FP7.2.5 or FP7.2.6cf (depending on the hardware revision of the front panel board). You can check these from the front panel in the System / About menu.

So Where Is It? And What Do I Need?

You can find the .zip file containing the remote control software app (the .exe file), software update files, and instructions here.

After you download it, unzip it to a convenient folder on your PC.

You will find the remote control app (.exe) file, a .pdf with full step-by-step update instructions and 2 front panel (.upd) update files.

There are two CPU's in the Omnia-6, one for the front panel (this is the "Display" version as shown in System / About from the front panel) and one on the motherboard (this is the "Release" version as shown in System / About from the front panel) One of the .upd files is used to update the front panel software but the motherboard software is stored on the rear-panel PCMCIA software card, so a new card is required to update the motherboard. Please contact support or your local Omnia dealer to order. Be sure to specify if the small sticker on your existing card says "EXi" or not (EX, FM or HDFM) and the version number shown there.

Please wait until you have the PCMCIA card in hand before updating the front panel software because a mismatch can cause issues.

Once you have the updated PCMCIA card, follow the instructions in the .pdf exactly. If the wrong front panel .upd file is used, the front panel board will brick and have to come in for repair. Click here for more details.

Remote Control App Installation

The remote control application does not have an installer. Simply place the .exe file in a convenient folder (it will make a connection database file in the same folder when run for the first time) and run the .exe file. I would suggest right-clicking to add a desktop icon.

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