Z/IPStream X/2 or 9X/2 Manual License Activation

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This document covers adding and activating Licenses for the Z/IPStream X/2 and 9X/2; when the computer where the software is installed does NOT have access to the Internet or can not reach the activation server.


Licenses control the features of the Z/IPStream X/2 and 9X/2. These licenses are generally supplied to you in PDF form and then entered from the configuration web page.

The activation process relies on the computer where the software is installed with access to the Internet to access the website secure.telos-systems.com. If the computer running the Z/IPStream software can access the Internet, then the license activation is automatic.

If the computer where the software is installed does NOT have access to the Internet or can not reach secure.telos-systems.com for other reasons (not allowed by firewall rules), then you must manually activate the license.

Please note the computer where you are accessing the configuration web page may be different from the computer where the software is installed. The computer where the software is installed is the one what requires internet for automatic activation. Only having the computer you are using to configure it with have internet access is not sufficient.

License activation WILL require a computer with Internet access to obtain an activation code.

Manual Activation

  1. Using a Web Browser, connect to the IP Address of your Z/IPStream.
If you are using the SAME computer where the software is installed, there is a shortcut on the Windows Start menu under Z/IPStream X/2.

If you are using a different computer, you will need to know the IP Address and what TCP port the configuration uses. Usually it's port 80 or 81. The configuration address might look like this;
  1. Log in with your user name and password.
  2. From the menu at the top, click on Licenses. Any current licenses and their status are shown.
  3. To add a new license, click the Add button.
  4. Enter your new license number and click Save.

The license will appear in the list with a status of Pending activation. If you click the Refresh button, eventually the license will say, Connection failed. Connection failed indicates that the software could not communicate with the license server.

  1. Using your mouse, click on, and select the license showing "Pending activation." Then click Activate and follow the instructions on the next screen.

Although it's blurred out here, you must copy the ENTIRE request code. You will be required to paste this code into a browser in the next step.

  1. From a PC connected to the Internet, navigate to https://secure.telos-systems.com. Paste the Request code on the secure website, then click the Submit button.
  2. The web site will display an activation code. Copy the activation code and paste it into the Activation code box on this page. Click the Save button to activate your license.
The activation code will begin and end with ##. This code must include these beginning and ending ## characters.

If you have completed these steps correctly, you will see your new license listed with an OK.

Repeat these steps for any additional licenses you need to add.

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