Updating your Program Delay Manager (PDM) to remove Flash

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This document applies only to 25-Seven PDM delay units with Module numbers B600 or higher and software versions 2.5.

If your module number is B599 or lower, or you are running version 2.4, this does not apply to your unit. Units below B600 are not hardware and software compatible with units B600 and higher. Although they look and function alike, they are fundamentally different units.


With the end of browser support for Flash approaching, Telos Alliance is providing a free update to any PDM with module numbers B600 or higher. As of this writing this update is in the PUBLIC beta testing phase and you can contact us if you are interested in running this beta version.

Due to platform limitations, we will not be able to provide an update for older PDM units with Module number B599 or lower.


  • Running the latest released version of PDM (2.5.10) found here
  • PDM Module B600 or higher
  • Willingness to run beta software.
While we strive to provide solid beta versions there is some inherent risk. The current public beta has proven field testing showing no problems. Updating to this version IS reversible.
  • Must provide logs after the update

If you are interested

Please contact us directly with the following information.

  • Your name and email address
  • Module number and current version for ALL PDMs you will update

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