VX Enterprise v1.1.0.3 Update Instructions and Release Notes

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VX Enterprise v1.1.0.3 Update Instructions and Release Notes

  • Download the update file and save it to a memorable location.
Download the v1.1.0.3update file here.
  • Navigate to the VX Enterprise's Firmware page and click the BROWSE button.
  • Locate the file you just downloaded and click UPLOAD.
  • When the file is done uploading, click ACTIVATE next to the desired version.
  • The VX will prompt you to reboot.
  • Click the REBOOT NOW button to execute the version selected.

Version Changelog (as of March 2020)

Notice: This version does not include adjustments made in the 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 beta releases.

VX Enterprise and VX Prime Plus

- Fix rare, random crash when connecting to VSet

- Correction to DSP Engine spamming logs when disconnected from network

VX Enterprise 1.1.0E-beta and VX Prime Plus 1.1.0P-beta:

- This 1.1 candidate is the same as the 1.0.11 beta. Only the name has changed.

VX Enterprise 1.0.11E-beta and VX Prime Plus 1.0.11P-beta:

- Fix high-pitched voice after long call hold

- Fix crash on reboot

- Mitigate TCP SACK PANIC vulnerabilities

- Address wrong key used for address book lookup

VX Enterprise 1.0.10E-beta and VX Prime Plus 1.0.10P-beta:

- Changes to PTP are now written to persistent storage

- Fix for 200 OK to incoming INVITE not being retransmitted

VX Enterprise 1.0.9E-beta and VX Prime Plus 1.0.9P-beta:

- Added SAP support for outbound AES67 streams

- Fix VSet ringer disruptions when using PTP clock

- Fix incorrect AES67 TX stream timestamps

VX Enterprise 1.0.8E-beta and VX Prime Plus 1.0.8P-beta:

- Log important RTP and DSP events, like underruns and sequence errors, as they happen

- Log stream stats summary when line is deleted

- Log min/max RTP transit delta when line is deleted

- Log RTP jitter histogram when line is deleted

- Further improvements to VoIP stream lock

VX Enterprise 1.0.7E-beta and VX Prime Plus 1.0.7P-beta:

- Limit the maximum rate of PTP delay requests to 1/second

- Fix stream stats erroneously showing TX underruns on AES67/standard streams

- Fix overruns on Stream Stats page not being counted

- Fix VoIP streams unstable lock causing clicks

- Fix low buffering on AES67

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